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Our Business Solutions

The solutions that works best your your organization & the need of future. The plethora of Solution & Services to choose from, that will help you optimize your cost, efficienctly utilize your resourses, saves time & gives peace of mind.

Sales Consultation

The first requirement of any organization is to increase sales with profits. We provide consultation with proven strategies that prepare you for Go to Market

Marketing Consultation

Our consultation includes the Market Trends with Blueprints and Budgets. This will help you to decide the best platform for you to achive best results for your product & services.

Learning Management System

Upgrading skills of your teams is an integral part of the Growth Strategy. You can leverage our LMS for all Learning & Assessment needs with in-depth analysis & reporting

Product Management

Our Product Management Consultation Services can give you insights, right from the Launch to the Complete Lifecycle of the Product. This includes Positioning, Pricing, Promotion and Management.

Business Automation

Pace of the action is the most significant success factor for Organizations. We can assist you with the right Business Automation Strategies which take your burden away, increase efficiencies & optimally utilize your resources in each area of business operations.

Business Tools

World is full of Business Tools, however it is sometime difficult for organizations to conclude the perfect tools for their  businesses. We can scout you to find the right tools for you & keep your budget in full control.

We can deliver

More than you think

The Cool Guru offers the solutions that are based on the current scenarios of market & latest trends. Our team will understand your challenges and provide most suitable solutions against the challenge you are facing.

fast foward thinking

Our Approach

Our approach is very basic & systematics. We discuss & understand your organizational goals and work on reverse strategies that can help you to achieve you what you are targeting. Following are step that we follow:

  • Cognition of Organization’s Goals
  • Understanding of current situation
  • Identification of Gaps & Blind Spots
  • Evaluation of the teams and their skills to accomplish the task
  • Creating Strategies & Blue prints
  • Empowering your team along with team lead to prepare for execution
  • Execution through your teams,  monitoring along with respective state holder & analysis for tweaking actions if needed
Unique Solutions

Get the best solutions from the industry leaders

I assure you that you will get best support from me & my team. We will provide you the proven cognizant solutions that works for you.
Sachin Chauhan
CEO & Founder
Our Solutions

Innovative & Practical

We offer the solutions that are easy to use & implement and yet deliver the highest results. These solutions are designed after assessing your current state & future needs.

We help you to save time and efforts.

Time is not money as you can earn money, but time can’t be earned. However, our solutions are designed to save time & efforts for yor organization. Users and employee feel more satisfied if they achieve their deliverables with less efforts and that’s where we can assist you.

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