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Amazing benefits

There are many benefits of joining us as an expert


Garner happiness by giving the knowledge to the new generation

Social Impact

Become popular on social media and our network  community

Name & Fame

You will be identified as an Industry expert in Millennials


Once you will be seen as expert, you may provide paid consultation services

Inspire | Ignite | Impact

Join us as Industry Expert and inspire the new generation

Collaboration lies at the heart of our The Cool Guru community. We believe that together, we can achieve so much more. That's why we offer a range of collaborative opportunities to industry experts like you. Additionally, we invite you to contribute to our thought leadership initiatives, where your knowledge and ideas can shape the future generation. Together, let's forge a path of collective growth and impact.

You will get a chance to connect with like-minded professionals, expand your network, and discover potential collaborations. Be a part of panel discussions and guest speaking engagements and writing article in our forum where your expertise will shine as you engage with aspiring individuals, by sharing valuable insights and sparking meaningful conversations.

Networking Events

Connect with peers, exchange ideas, and inspire one another through meaningful conversations

Online Events

Showcase your expertise, share insights, and engage in thought-provoking conversations with students and entrepreneurs as guest speaker.

Content Collaboration

We provide avenues for collaboration, such as contributing articles, blog posts, or whitepapers, where you can share your industry knowledge and insights.

How you can contribute

Answer the queries

You can address and resolve the queries of Students through your Rich Experience & Knowledge

Mock Interviews

You can help others to prepare for Interview and share your insights by conducting Mock Sessions

Write & Share

Share your experience in form of Articles which may inspire others to choose the right path in their careers


You may give your valuable feedback to Students & help them improve their skills and personality

Social Networking

You may attend the on-line meetings and seminars to create and expand your social network

Our Consultants

Meet our team of expert business consultants

Dimple Chauhan

HR Head at Intellect Technolab

Bhavesh Mehta

Printing & Imaging Expert

Mayank Kumar

Marketing Expert

Rajeev Vedi

Director-Amazing Systems

Joining Soon

Industry Expert

Joining Soon

Industry Expert

Joining Soon

Industry Expert

Joining Soon

Industry Expert

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Ignite Collaboration and Make an Impact to fuel the growth of each other

Empowering Your Journey to Success

At The Cool Guru, we are committed to fostering your growth and enhancing your visibility as an industry expert. By joining our community, you become an integral part of a supportive network that values your expertise. We are dedicated to promoting your thought leadership and ensuring that your contributions make a significant impact on the growth and development of students and new generation entrepreneurs.

Together, let’s elevate your professional journey and amplify your visibility in the industry.

Embark on a Journey of Growth and Success

Strive to create a transformative learning environment. Together, let’s empower individuals, ignite innovation, and shape the future. We welcome you to be a part of our dynamic community. Join us and embark on a rewarding experience where growth knows no bounds

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